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Peak District, Sheffield

The Peak District is a large area located in Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Cheshire and Greater Manchester. It is a walking hotspot and a great place to go to see beautiful Scenery.

What to do there: The Peak District is a wonderful place full of beautiful scenery and some of the best views in England. It probably isn't the best place for a pub crawl or to have a dance, but it is the best place to get fresh air. If you have a day where you find yourself not doing anything and short of cash, get yourself on a walk in the Peak District. I can guarantee you'll feel much better than just sitting around. There is also rock climbing areas there, cycle hires and an opportunity to do paragliding! There is many other activities too including canoeing, fishing and hang-gliding, what else could you possibly want?

There is even restaurants there and the pick of the bunch is The Plough. It is a proper pub what serves a proper pub lunch. I would recommend ringing and trying to book a table or getting there early as it gets very busy, very quickly. I would also recommend trying a Sunday lunch with Lamb, it is borderline perfection!

Another great place to eat is the Yorkshire Bridge Inn. It is another pub that offers a great meal. If you want a nice, Laid back meal with great customer service at an affordable price, this is the place. This is a personal favourite of mine and it serves possibly the best Steak and Kidney Pie. It also has great drink prices if you want a cheeky one with your meal.

Fun Facts

The Peak District is the first area in England to have been part of both Sheffield and Manchester. It was Britain's first national park.


Ghost Walks

The Peak District hosts many events each year including ghost walks, Easter trails and comedy clubs. The ghost walks are just simply walking through the haunted parts of the area, whilst been told all the spooky stories about the history of the area. If you want to have fun whilst learning about the more gruesome history of the Peak District, I would recommend trying one.

Easter Trails

The Easter trails are brilliant fun for families with kids. It is set up by Cadbury's and they place Easter eggs around the trail, the guides then take you round the trail, helping the kids pick up the eggs. It is definitely worth a visit, however it is only during Easter Time.

Comedy Club

The comedy clubs are also something to consider doing as an alternative to going to a nightclub. The tickets are cheap (only £8) and very good value for money. You can go there, have a laugh, have a drink and have a great night and see what could be potentially the best new comedian. Sounds tempting, doesn’t it?

Helpful Tips

The Peak district is very large and can be very cold, don't set off out in just a t-shirt and shorts and walk too far. Make sure you wrap up warm and don't walk too far, you could get lost or you could get tired.