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Kelham Island, Sheffield

Kelham Island is a fabulous little hotspot located just outside the centre of the city. In what was once the heart of Sheffield's steel industry is now full of unique restaurants and cafés as well as having real ale pubs, and one of the best museums in the city.

What to do there: Kelham Island was once a small, almost unpopulated area which was only remembered as the place with the steel factories. Now, it is an area which is thriving to compete with the city centre as the area to be in the city. It has gone from having the odd café to having many excellent restaurants! The best recommendation is craft and dough, a small restaurant which sells homemade pizza’s and real craft ales. Be careful though, it can get busy around peak times so be sure to book a table in advance. It also has one of the top museums in Sheffield, Kelham Island Museum. It is all about the industrial age and how it helped Sheffield to earn the nickname, Steel City.

It also has many Brilliant pubs, including the Fat Cat, a small, well-known local pub. Kelham Island s renowned as one of the best places in the country to go on a pub crawl, as mentioned in the 'New York Times: 52 Places to Visit in 2014.' Many other pubs include the Kelham Island Tavern, which was twice the CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) national pub of the year.

Kelham Island is a place of contrasts. On one side, there is old, derelict warehouse's and on the other, new, vibrant artist's studios and huge residential apartments. It is an area undergoing massive redevelopment and has started to incorporate students into their plans for the future. They are doing this by opening many pubs around the area and by building the residential apartments and renting them out.

It also has a fantastic shop/café called the Nicholls Building, which sells brilliant, old fashioned items like retro clothes and records. If you do not want to shop, or have had enough of browsing the excellent items, then sit back and relax in the old, comfy sofas and enjoy a nice, warm beverage whilst listening to good old fashioned records on the gramophone. What's not to like?

Fun Facts

Kelham Island is the home to England's largest surviving Bessemer convertor. Kelham Island has one of the largest steam engines in South Yorkshire, the River Don Engine.


Live Music

There is always an event to be held in Kelham Island. Usually, there is a live music act on at one of the pubs. The music acts include any type of music artist, whether they be successful or up and comers, rockers or rappers or boy or girl.

Wartime Weekend

Every year there is also a wartime weekend. During this weekend, the whole area is set back to the 1940s for people to see how life was during the war. You can learn about everything that happened during these times for your everyday civilian. And see how life has progressed.

Helpful Tips

If you feel lost or anything like that, just ask the locals for directions, they will be more than happy to help. Alternatively, you can head south and its a 15 minute walk back to the cathedral.