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Hillsborough, Sheffield

Hillsborough is a small area in Sheffield which has many shops and cafés. It also has a large park and many more points of interest.

What to do there: In Hillsborough there are many cafés to visit, each one offering a lovely treat. There is the famous Ruby’s café, which can give you the greasiest breakfast imaginable, if you like it that way. There is also a brilliant little fish and chip shop called the riverside, which can rival the best in the world, the chips are super!

There is also a large park, most of which been open space and completed with concrete courts for ball games, a children’s play set and a large pond filled with ducks. It has cycling and running tracks and a small sports arena next to it.

Hillsborough is perhaps most famous for the football club that is situated there, Sheffield Wednesday Football Club. Sheffield Wednesday, nicknamed the owls, have been playing in Hillsborough Stadium since 1899 when the stadium was opened. The club has seen much success and is fondly thought of by most fans across the country.

Hillsborough also has many great pubs if you’re fancying a night out. A few of the more popular ones are The Park Hotel and The Shakey. Both have great atmosphere and are very popular with the locals.

There are also great restaurants to go enjoy a lovely meal. The Rawson Spring is easily the best choice, it offers cheap meal deals such as a steak and a pint for £5! Don’t worry, the food isn’t as bad as the price may suggest and man people would be happy to pay three times as much it is that good. If you don’t believe me, just walk in and see for yourself how busy the place is. In my opinion, a busy restaurant shows a quality restaurant.

For people looking to move in with a family, Hillsborough is a perfect place for you. It is full of friendly people, there is a park just minutes away, a top quality school also within reach and then a first class college just round the corner. Its borderline perfection!

Fun Facts

Hillsborough has been the host of the FA Cup Semi Final. Hillsborough Stadium is the largest ground outside of the Premier League.


Owls in The Park

Hillsborough has a bunch of events lined up each year. Perhaps the most looked forward to is Owls in the park. This is every summer for one day and is set up and ran by Sheffield Wednesday Football Club. It has a meet and greet with the football players where you photos taken and collect autographs. There is also a kit stand, where you can buy the latest football kit. There is also live music played and much, much more.

Annual Hillsborough Park Fair

There is also the annual fair in Hillsborough Park. If you do not like heights, fast rides and adrenaline then this is not for you. For those of you adrenaline junkies who do, get ready, strap in and prepare to be thrilled. The rides are what you’d expect at a theme park, not a small time fair in a park.