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Ecclesall Road, Sheffield

Ecclesall Road is student central in Sheffield. It is full of great pubs and restaurants that are hits with all the students.

What to do there: Ecclesall Road is the place to be in terms of reliable, top quality restaurants. The pick of the bunch has got to be Uncle Sam’s. It is an American style restaurant that sells top quality foods for reasonable prices. If you’re into burgers, then this is definitely the place for you. The BBQ chicken and bacon burger is out of this world and will ignite a party in your taste buds. If you’re looking for something a bit more elegant, the pasta’s and pizzas are definitely worth a try. However, the best choice is the steak. Words cannot describe its excellence.

Another top restaurant is the Mud Crab. It has an exquisite menu which features dishes from all corners of the world. If you fancy and Indian curry or an American burger, you can find it all on this menu. If you are in a group and each person wants a different meal type, this is the place to go to. The personal recommendation is the pizza’s, they are sublime!

Eccy Road (Ecclesall Road) also has some of the best pubs in Sheffield. The Porter Brook is a great choice to start your night at. It is a small, quiet but welcoming pub that sells good, affordable ale.

The top Pub on Eccy Road however is the Nursery Tavern. It is a must visit for students as it has many great offers on drinks and food. It is in the middle of Eccy Road and is unmissable due to its giant beer garden, which in the summer is a haven for relaxing in the sun with a drink.

Besides having pubs and restaurants, it does actually have shops. One of the shops is Books on the park. It sells every kind of book imaginable and all are stupidly cheap. It also has a music section for those into their music.

Fun Facts

Crookes was once seen as a holiday home for people from Sheffield to escape the pollution of the city during the era of the steel industry.



Every year the parish of Ecclesall hosts many Christmas time events. There is carol singing and much more family festive fun!

Spring in The Parks

There is also many events in Ecclesall woods. Some of these fantastic events include craft courses and The Spring in The Parks. The Spring in The Parks is a celebration of the season, spring. During this celebration there is live music, woodland walks and many more activities.