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Crookes, Sheffield

Crookes is a very small, welcoming, popular area in Sheffield which has a few hidden gems, whether they be restaurants or something else…

What to do there: Crookes has many great restaurants that attract every kind of person from across the city. Perhaps the best one is The Indian Chef, a great, inexpensive Indian restaurant that is possibly the best value for money Indian restaurant in the city. It consistently cooks up quality curries and leaves you wanting to come back each day. A personal recommendation is the chicken korma or the lamb bhuna, both are unbelievably brilliant.

If you don’t fancy a restaurant and just want a coffee and cake, then have I got the place for you! The Hercule Café is the perfect place for a quick coffee and they even sell their own, homemade chocolates and cakes. Delicious! Hercule Café also cooks a mean full English breakfast if your there early enough.

Do you ever get that feeling that you can’t get a decent fish and chips shop anywhere but the seaside? Well don’t worry, I have found the perfect place to satisfy your needs! The Admiral Fish and Chips shop is easily good enough to be deemed a worthy substitute for the generic seaside chippy. I’ll tell you now, a chip butty with gravy and vinegar is a gift to earth.

Time to talk about the pubs. Or should I say the best pub by a mile. The Cobden View is a beautiful building which is over 100 years old. It has a lovely range of beers at a reasonable price. The staff are just about the nicest you can get. The food isn’t half bad either, they do regular BBQ’s and if you go in at the right time on the right day, you might even be able to get your food for free, talk about a generous pub! It even has pool tables for you and your friends to get competitive over.

The hidden gem itself, Bole Hill. A lovely, secluded little place that is a beautiful relaxing spot. On bonfire night, head up the top of the hill, lay back, relax and enjoy the fireworks. It is truly a sight to behold. What’s even better is no one knows about, so if you go up on a lovely warm day it is almost deserted and you can enjoy a bit of peace and quiet.

The tip of the iceberg is the supermarket, Just Natural. It is a little more expensive than the standard Sainsbury’s, but it is much healthier and you can taste the difference in quality. It has tons of natural products that are very good for you and taste wonderful. It’s got no downsides!

Fun Facts

Crookes was once seen as a holiday home for people from Sheffield to escape the pollution of the city during the era of the steel industry.



Crookes hosts a series of small events ranging from craft fairs to community walks ran by the church

Singing Festival

Each year there is also a singing festival, and this year there was a Frozen singalong at the local church.