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City Centre S2, Sheffield

S2 is the postcode of an area in Sheffield located next to the city centre. It is largely populated by students and nightclubs.

What to do there: S2 is a great area just outside the city centre and has been taken over by students and nightclubs. The biggest nightclub is probably the Leadmill. The Leadmill is a great place to visit for a night out as it offers many beers and spirits at reasonable, student friendly prices. It is renowned throughout England for the live music it has on offer and its dirt cheap drinks (drinks can be as cheap as 60p!) The Leadmill has hosted many top artists in its time including the likes of The Libertines, Artic Monkeys, Oasis and Coldplay. It’s a paradise!

Another great nightclub is Plug. A notorious nightclub around Sheffield for no reason other than its perfect set up. It has three rooms, each with a different vibe and it has a secure multi storey car park behind it, and a hotel bang opposite it. It is the perfect place for anyone who is travelling to Sheffield for a night out or people who already live in Sheffield. Its affordable drink prices and free entry before midnight are just two of the reasons it is loved by students. If you don’t like the nightclub feel and just want to relax, there is a beer garden as well for you to just sit back and relax in.

If you’re going on a night out you’ll need food, right? Well why not go to Orchid? It’s a fantastic little Thai restaurant with super friendly staff and a great variety of exciting food. It is a very intimate restaurant with atmospheric lighting and Thai decorations. If you are looking to try something new and have a nice, quiet meal in a restaurant that is not over crowded, I would recommend Orchid.

Another top choice for food is certainly Hong Kong Wok. It is the best Chinese restaurant in the city, bar none. It has impeccable customer service which is matched by its amazing food quality and value for money. It serves traditional Chinese dishes such as sweet and sour chicken and crispy duck.

Fun Facts

Bramall Lane Stadium has been the host of five international football matches, with England winning three and losing two.


Bramall Lane

Sheffield United Football Club host events throughout the year such as comedy clubs and gala’s. There is also the Lord Mayor’s Dinner, which is a very prestigious event.

Live Music at Leadmill

There is also the live music at the Leadmill and some of the acts from the Tramlines Festival will be playing in the area.