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City Centre S1, Sheffield

The city centre is the heart of the city and is the busiest place in Sheffield. It has all the best shops, clubs and restaurants and is certainly popular with the students. It is also the location of both of the universities in the city and has many top tourist attractions.

What to do there: The city centre is the host of Sheffield’s nightlife. All of the most prestigious nightclubs are found here, including Viper Rooms and Player Bar. There is also the cheaper, more popular clubs like Basement and Plug. These places are cheap, with cheap being an understatement. You can buy drinks cheaper than chips at these places, making it a great and affordable night out.

It also has most of the top clothing shops in the city for both budget buys and expensive shopping. For budget buys the likes Cow and TK MAX are good option. For the more expensive shoppers, Seasons and Eton are a recommendation along with Freshman’s and Topshop.

There are also top entertainment venues in the city centre that don’t involve bottles of vodka, and the best places to go include the Lyceum Theatre and the Showroom Cinema. They offer a wide range of shows and films, depending on where you go and when you go.

After having such a busy time, you need to relax and have a meal, surely? Of course you do, and I have a few recommendations. If you want a big, well known restaurant then Pizza Express or the Mandar Inn. The Mandar Inn offers the best Chinese food in the city and is a popular choice. However, if you fancy a smaller, quieter restaurant then BB’s would be the number 1 choice for sure. It is a small Italian restaurant that does the best steak in the city by a mile.

The city centre also has top museums and gardens. The winter gardens and peace gardens are both next to each other and definitely worth visiting. One is a large greenhouse which holds a beautiful array of rare and exotic plants and the other has many water fountains. The best museums to visit are the Emergency Services Museum and the Millennium gallery. One is a museum on the history of Sheffield’s emergency services and one is an art gallery which has the most exquisite art in the city, I wonder which is which…

Fun Facts

Sheffield is the greenest city in Europe, with the highest trees to people ratio. It is the fifth largest city in England. It is one of two cities in the world to be built on seven hills, the other been Rome.



Sheffield also has a great list of events that it hosts. The most famous event is the TramLines festival, which is hosted every year. It has all the best up and coming local talent along with top musicians who are already established. It is held in the last weekend of July and is definitely worth a view.

World Snooker Championship

Sheffield is also the proud host of the snooker world championships, which is held at the crucible. It attracts thousands of snooker fanatics to the city along with the most prestigious of snooker players.