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Broomhill, Sheffield

Broomhill is a small, well looked after and loved area just off the city centre. It is the home to many fabulous restaurants and bars and is a hotspot for student activity. The area is populated by families, professionals and students and is a very friendly place.

What to do there: It is renowned around the city for the array of excellent food choices. Broomhill has only the best in terms of food. It has great little takeaways either independently run or part of a larger franchise like pizza hut, dominoes etc. The independent restaurants can rival the best in the world. The Thyme Café is considered the tastiest restaurant in Sheffield due to its exquisite range of expertly cooked dishes. Although it is slightly more expensive than the generic restaurant, you could be charged more than twice as much and think the food is worth it. The same goes for Vittles café, which cooks up arguably the best full English breakfast in Sheffield. If you have a hangover and want to feel human, this is the place to be.

Broomhill also has many great bars and pubs for you to browse and enjoy. Those in the know understand that The York pub is the preferred destination for a night out. It offers great ale and for a price that is probably a little higher than you’re used to but by no means extortionate. It also has home cooked food which is not something to turn your nose at. It has regular quiz nights that test even the smartest of people. Another pub that is worth your time is the fox and duck. It is the no.1 pub for students in Broomhill and is always full of students brimming with happiness.

If you're a music fanatic then there is the perfect place for you. The Record Collector. The Record Collector is a unique, old fashioned music store that sells a wide variety of vinyl records and CD's. The store is significant, it has had a book and film made about it, called the 'Last Shop Standing.'

Fun Facts

Broomhill has always been referred to as a village, but it is not. It is in actual fact, a suburb. Broomhill grew without any structure and co-ordination. This means nothing was planned, no housing estates were planned before, and Broomhill just grew haphazardly.


The Broomhill Festival

Although there is only one event in Broomhill each year, it is one of Sheffield’s largest event. The Broomhill festival. The Broomhill festival takes place over 3 weeks and is set up to raise money for different charities in the area. The festival consists of young music artists performing alongside some big named artists. It is truly a great experience and has a very community type feel to it.