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Sherwood, Nottingham

Sherwood is a legendary area in Nottingham as it is the home of none other than Robin Hood (not the fox!) it is also popular with students because of its nightclubs and bars.

What to do there: Sherwood is a renowned student area for many reasons including the bars and clubs. Dowling's Irish Bar is a unique little pub that is worth a visit. The staff are all very friendly and efficient. If you want to listen to traditional Irish music and drink original Irish ale, this is your stop! I would recommend you don't drink too much, as the music tends to make you want to dance and you might embarrass yourself.

A great pub to visit is the Robin Hood. It has everything you need to make a perfect pub. It has brilliant, friendly staff, cheap drinks and possibly the best food in England. That's right, best food in England! It has fresh, locally sourced food that is past the perfection standard. A personal favourite is the New York burger but would also recommend the sausage and mash, the quality is unrivalled! The atmosphere is always second to none and this is due to the lovely staff and the excellent music being played. However, be careful as there is a step next to the door and you might end up tripping!

Everyone knows the legend of Robin Hood, so why not visit his home, the Major Oak? It is located in Sherwood Forest which is over 1000 acres of woodland. The Major Oak itself is over 800 years old and is one of Nottingham's largest tourist attraction. Sherwood Forest also has a visitor's centre where you can learn about its history. It also has a Robin Hood history area where you can walk through the everyday life of Robin Hood. It also has a café and picnic area in case you get hungry.

There is also the Center Parcs area within Sherwood Forest. Here you can do many great activities such as riding quad bikes, fencing lessons and the owl encounter activity. It has many more activities, each just as fun as the other. It also has great facilities for relaxation such as spas. It also has amazing restaurants such as the Sports Café. It serves great American style food and is perfect for a large group. If you fancy some delicious, sweet deserts then try the pancake house. The smell alone is enough to make your mouth water.

Fun Facts

Robin Hood's main hideout was the Major Oak, in Sherwood Forest and he stayed mainly in Sherwood Forest, but he was actually from Loxley in Sheffield.


Medieval Festival

Every year, Sherwood has a large medieval festival that takes place in the forest. It has great tales of folklore told and traditional music played. There is also small banquets held and there is one condition to join in, you must be in character! That means grab your cloak and tunic and get yourself down there!

Helpful Tips

If you feel lost or do not understand something, there are many information centres around the area to help you.