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Lenton, Nottingham

Lenton is the most popular area in Nottingham for students due to its convenient distance from the universities and city centre.

What to do there: The area of Lenton is a very student oriented place with many nightclubs and pubs. One nightclub worth checking out is the Dusk Till Dawn, which is also a casino. It has 45 poker tables, each have regular games on and sometimes tournaments. There is also a top quality bar and restaurant which serves to the highest standard. It also has a free car park. So if you fancy something a bit different from your generic nightclub and want to put on your poker face, I would recommend Dusk Till Dawn.

Another must visit nightclub is the Oceana. It has 6 rooms, each offers something different and all offer affordable drinks. One great room to visit is the ping pong room, where there is table tennis tables and you can get pizzas whilst you play. If you have had a couple of drinks and feel a bit competitive, challenge your friends to a game of table tennis whilst drunk, it’s always fun. If you fancy dancing the night away, then try the basement floor. If you fancy testing your vocals, try the karaoke room. It has a room for everyone!

If you feel a bit peckish and want some fancy food, try Chiquito’s. It is a very good, well respected restaurant chain that specialises in Mexican food and drinks. They sell very good tequila’s and daiquiris. The best dish is by far the chicken fajitas, if you like a little spice that is. The customer service is as good as expected and although the pricing may seem a bit much, when you try the food you can understand why they charge a bit extra.

The best value for money restaurant has got to be the Boathouse, which is part of the Beefeater chain. It has some of the best food in Nottingham for the best prices, what more is needed? Oh, yeah, customer service. The customer service is on par with the food, which is excellent! If you’re after a good steak, for a good price whilst been treat like a king, this is the place to go. Now there’s nothing more you can expect, right? Almost forgot, drinks. The drinks menu is exceptionally broad and all drinks are reasonably priced. Now it’s perfect.

This next attraction is a bit controversial, but it attracts people from across the country, so why not. It is none other than the Games Workshop Warhammer World. For people who play Warhammer or are into collecting the figurines, this is a must visit. It has huge displays of figurines and castles, villages and much more. For those of you who aren’t into Warhammer or collecting figurines, it has an excellent pub and restaurant which serves brilliant food and drinks and offers free Wi-Fi. It also has a large tank out front which is pretty cool to stand next to and have a photo with.

If you fancy a night out with your friends or family and don’t want to spend too much, try ten pin bowling. It has excellent staff who greet everyone with a smile and has a café that serves arguably the best chicken burgers in England, no exaggeration! It also has pool tables and a small quasar zone.

Fun Facts

Lenton was not originally part of Nottingham, it was a small agricultural village that was separate to Nottingham until 1877 when it became part of Nottingham.


Craft Fairs

There are numerous small events in Lenton, mainly set up by the local church. These include craft fairs and much more.

Food and Drink Festival

There is also the food and drink festival which is at the Nottingham castle.

Helpful Tips

Lenton is only 10 minutes away from the city centre so if you get lost, it is easy to get back to familiar territory.