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City Centre, Nottingham

The City Centre is the heart of Nottingham. It has everything ranging from the top clubs to the market square.

What to do there: In the City Centre there is the legendary Old Market Square. It is the home of many unique stalls selling homemade crafts and other exquisite items. There is also farmers selling their produce at great prices. You can certainly pick up a bargain or two! The Old Market Square also has the statue of the iconic Brian Clough OBE.

Another top place to visit is the Galleries of Justice Museum. It gives you an insight into the past of Nottingham's justice system. However, not all of it is pretty! It is not only a museum, there are guided tours where the tour guides are all dressed up as a character from that time period and each one is played to perfection. I wold recommend not taking children under the age of 12 as it can get quite scary, but it is still worth a visit. On the tour you visit the old courtroom, the exercise yard and much more.

Another unique little museum to visit is The National Video Game Museum. This museum is relatively new and is full of video games and consoles. It has the oldest games for the original consoles ranging from this year's blockbusters on the next generation consoles. The staff are all helpful and friendly and it is certainly worth a look at.

If you feel hungry, why not try Yapas? It is a small Greek and Spanish restaurant that manages to provide quality services and food 10 times out of 10. The food is always of a high standard and ignites a party on your taste buds. They also have vegetarian options along with gluten free options, perfect for everyone! I recommend having Lamb Souvlaki, it is borderline perfection. However, you might want to save room for dessert as the kourabiethes are simply sensational.

Another top restaurant to try is Turtle Bay. It is a great Caribbean restaurant that attracts people from all around the city. They serve the best jerk chicken in Nottingham and maybe even England. They have a nice relaxed atmosphere and even have a cocktail bar if you have a reservation and arrive early. Although it can get busy, you always get excellent service and it never feels overcrowded. Although it isn't the cheapest of restaurants, it is worth saving for as it is absolutely brilliant.

If you need to relax from the hustle and bustle of the busy city centre, then try the Arboretum. It is a lovely, secluded park that has many beautiful flowers and even some wildlife including squirrels. If you fancy having a relaxing day surrounded by beauty then hit the arboretum. It is no doubt one of Nottingham's great areas.



Nottingham hosts many great events throughout the year and one of them is breakout four day dance intensive. It is an event where professional dancers teach you how to dance. Ticket prices can vary but it is worth the price.

Helpful Tips

Be careful with your parking in the city centre as you can get tickets or clamped for parking in certain areas.