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Basford, Nottingham

Basford is a small friendly area in Nottingham that is full of places to have a great time.

What to do there: In Basford there are many family friendly areas including the Land of Lost Content Museum. This is a very unique place ran by a husband wife duo. It features lots of neat items ranging from old fashioned telephones to The Beatles memorabilia. It certainly has something for everyone! It is a cheap way to fill an hour or two if you find yourself bored and in the area.

Another great place to visit is the New Art Exchange. It is full of wonderful art exhibits and each one forces out a slight gasp at its awesomeness! It has exhibitions ranging from hidden colours to the human body. It also has a great little café that sells hot drinks and cakes to name a few.

If you fancy a nice meal for brilliant prices, try the Shabab Nan Kabab. It is a small curry house with a big reputation. Although the decoration is simple, the food is certainly not! It is great value for money and has a bring your own drinks policy, resulting in an even cheaper night out! The staff are all very friendly and welcoming. If you like curries, drop in for a great value for money meal.

Another must dine restaurant is a little Italian restaurant called Reno's. Upon entering the restaurant you are instantly met with a warm and welcoming smile. The food is always cooked to perfection. A personal recommendation would be the steak or the homemade pasta dishes. All are top quality and you could justify paying five times more than it is worth, so it truly is worth every penny.

The Lion Inn is more than your generic, bog standard bar. The Lion Inn has a host of live music and serves real ales. It's already better than your average local! It stays open late and if you're thinking of a pub crawl, this is a must visit. Some people think of a pub crawl, start at this pub and stay there all night it is that good!

Another great place to have a drink is the Fox Inn. It serves cheap drinks and is a stop off place for most pub crawls. The Fox Inn is also a family friendly pub and has a relaxed atmosphere. The drinks menu is as good as anywhere else and the prices are better, it is definitely worth a visit.

Fun Facts

HP Brown Sauce is from Basford. The recipe was thought of in a small grocery shop in the area.


Lion Inn

There are many live music events in Basford and most of them are at the Lion Inn. They have a load of up and coming artists along with well-established ones.

Helpful Tips

The Peak district is very large and can be very cold, don't set off out in just a t-shirt and shorts and walk too far. Make sure you wrap up warm and don't walk too far, you could get lost or you could get tired.