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Victoria Park, Manchester

Victoria Park is a popular in Manchester by students for its local amenities.

What to do there: Victoria Park is very popular with students because on each corner is a convenience store and each main road there is a chain supermarket. This makes it brilliant for doing your local shop and buying last minute meals.

It is renowned round Manchester for being one of the nicer areas to live in because it doesn't get rowdy and the residents are generally very friendly, making it a good place to live for families.

A great place to go out for a nice drink is Epernay. It is a small bar that is very popular on weekends due to its budget pricing of champagne and cocktails and its laid back atmosphere. It has a lovely balcony overlooking the city centre and an atrium for relaxing.

If you fancy throwing on your dancing shoes and dancing through the night head to Black Dog Ballroom. It is not quite what you think. Upon entry you would expect a posh looking ballroom, right? Wrong, you walk into a converted warehouse which now has a DJ booth and bar. Now quite what you were expecting, was it?

If you want to go to a restaurant where you will enter hungry and leave full then head to TOPS Buffet. It is an all you can eat Chinese style buffet. It has all of the legendary Chinese dishes you know and love such as crispy duck pancakes and sweet and sour chicken.

If you ever fancy something other than your generic common restaurants then head to Australasia. It is an Australian themed restaurant that serves up traditional Australian grub. No, not the type of food on I'm a celebrity, I mean real food. The spiced duck breast is a personal recommendation as it is purely sensational.

Fun Facts

George Hadfield the MP and Beatrix Potter's uncle Arthur Roscoe were all residents of Victoria Park.