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Soho, London

Soho is a very popular area in London due to its many excellent shops.

What to do there: Soho is renowned around England for its wide array of brilliant shops. One of the shops is the famous Foot Patrol. It has only one store and that is this one. It sells the best trainers in the world and many people travel from across the country to visit the store. If you consider yourself a sneaker fanatic you must visit the nation's most prestigious shoe shop.

The Royal Family have openly expressed their love for Fortnum and Masons, so we have to include it, don't we? It sells fantastic perfumes, accessories and many other delight. But what makes it the Royal Families secret treat, is the food hall. From the ceilings are beautiful chandeliers dangling down setting a magical fell to the place. The ceiling is held up by wonderfully structured marble pillars and the hall itself is full of gastronomic delights that are easy on the eye. The food itself is deemed good enough for the queen, so it must be alright!

Soho is also in the centre of the West End. The West End is a collection of theatres that show the greatest productions in London. They have musicals, comedic performances and drama shows. They have the likes of Lion King, Billy Elliot and Les Miserables all on stage. A personal recommendation is Lion King. It is truly breath-taking to sit and watch these professionals perform on the stage.

If you like cheap drinks and a proper club night, head to Moonlighting. It is a club that from the outside, looks sleazy and cheap. The inside decoration isn't much different in fairness. But the drinks are cheap and the atmosphere is always second to none. It is a great place for a night out if you are on a low budget.

Another brilliant place to go for a night out is the Café de Paris. It is a club that is themed on French cafés it has the traditional décor of theatrical drapes and the Moulin Rouge style ballroom. It has had many famous guests ranging from real royalty to Prince the musician.

Fun Facts

The first ever person to appear on TV was a boy from Soho. He was chosen at random to partake in an experiment and was paid half a crown, which is equivalent to 12.5p in current money. That is the first ever TV appearance fee.


West End

Soho hosts all the main events in London ranging from short time West End theatre production specials to the latest blockbusters opening night.