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Shoreditch, London

Shoreditch is an area in London that is very popular due to its upmarket bars and shops. It also has some of the more prestigious restaurants in the area.

What to do there: In Shoreditch you cannot go out and have a rubbish night. It just doesn't happen. There is so many brilliant clubs it isn't possible. One of the clubs is Catch Champagne Bar and Lounge. It is located in the Andaz adjacent to Liverpool Street Station. Upon entering you can tell instantly it is a quality club due to the amount of people in there. It is always busy, but not so busy your climbing over people. It has a great atmosphere and an even better selection of drinks. It isn't the cheapest club, but where else can you get the world's finest champagne for under £20? Exactly, nowhere.

Another amazing club is the Shoreditch. It is a mixture of club and bar as it has three floors. There is a great vibe and atmosphere for dancing due to its popular music choices ranging from pop to electric. The drinks are not the cheapest in the area but it is made up for by its wonderful bar staff who go the extra mile to ensure you have a wonderful night. The cocktails menu is very broad and the bar staff even offer to help you with recommendations.

If you fancy to go for a night out and want to try your hand at fine dining, then go to The Clove Club. It is a classic British restaurant that serves some of the best food in London. It isn't cheap, but it is worth the money. The service from the waiters and waitresses is second to none as they are all very friendly and certainly know their stuff. The food is a solid 10 out of 10 on quality every day of the week. A personal recommendation is the Pine Chicken, it is their speciality and it is not hard to see why!

Another great place to eat is The Blues Kitchen. It is a little different to your normal American themed diner as it has live blues music bands playing. The food is of excellent quality and the waiting staff are very attentive and eager to help. Again, it is not the cheapest of places but you pay for quality, and you certainly get that here.

If you're out in London for a shopping experience like never before then visit the Boxpark. The Boxpark is the world's first ever pop up mall. Located in Shoreditch it will remain there for the next five years and is certainly unique. There are no shops, just containers that have been modified to look like shops. Each shop sells something different, whether it be designer clothes to whacky food recipes, it has something for everyone.

If you need a pair of trainers, and I mean a smart pair of designer trainers, visit SneakersNStuff, it has everything. Upon entering the wonderland you see pairs of trainers everywhere. If you're a shoe collector or just like looking nice, this is a heavenly place. They don't just sell shoes, they sell designer T shirts and tracksuits amongst other things.

Everyone loves fresh air on a lovely day, so why not head to Shoreditch Park? It is a large open space park which is perfect for a relaxation spot on a warm day.

Fun Facts

Many famous people have lived in Shoreditch. The likes of Barbara Windsor, Noel Fielding and Russell Brand are some of the more notable ones. It is believed that William Shakespeare's favourite bar was also in the area.


Shoreditch Festival

Every year there is the annual Shoreditch Festival. It is held in Shoreditch Park and attracts all of the local residents to the park.