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Kentish Town, London

Kentish Town is an area in London that is quite popular with students for its great attractions.

What to do there: In Kentish Town there are many great places to have a meal and Pane Vino is certainly one of them. It is a small family run restaurant that satisfies thousands of hungry bellies each year. The pizzas are quality and the service is generally friendly and helpful. They serve great traditional Sardinian food, this is a must visit restaurant!

If you like Indian food then have I got the place for you! It is none other than the Bengal Lancer! Their menu instantly excites you into thinking what wonders are you going to be tasting. Then you get the food. I can promise you this, you will receive a lesson on what food should taste like. It is out of this world! It's scary that the chefs can actually make this food taste so good! Then, to top the night off, you get the bill. I can solemnly swear that you would be happy to pay twice as much for the quality of food you get!

If you want to go out for a nice relaxed drink, hit the Lock Tavern. It is a friendly pub that has a great variety of drinks. The spirits menu has all the favourites at affordable prices and the wine menu should not be ignored. But what really sets this pub apart from the rest of the average bars is the quality of friendly staff. They go the extra mile to ensure you are enjoying yourself.

Now I'm going to tell you about a top venue in Kentish Town. It is called The Forum and believe you me, it is the place to be. It has many exceptionally talented live musicians playing there all the time including the likes of Billy Ocean! If you're into live music and having fun, you'll be there this weekend. Then the weekend after that and after that.

I will say the name and you will know why I am recommending it. Blustons. It is one of the most iconic ladies fashion wear shops in London. It has been make women of all ages looking like superstars for over 50 years and that is not down to luck. It is down to the wonderful staff and management who run the place efficiently and effectively. This is by far the easiest recommendation I have ever had to do.

If you are into your sports and healthy living lifestyle, then head down to Kentish Town sports centre. It is a large facility that has a gym, pool and many more great things to keep you active.

Fun Facts

The writer George Orwell and singer Mr. Hudson both lived in Kentish Town.


Alma Street Fair

In Kentish Town there are many annual events. One of them is the Alma street fair. It is a great fair hosted each year that is very popular with the local residents. Another is the Christmas time Buzzby Market. Both are great events to get involved with.