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Hoxton, London

Hoxton is a very popular area with students due to its local amenities and convenient location.

What to do there: In Hoxton there are many brilliant restaurants and The Beagle is most certainly one of them. It has excellent customer service and the most passionate manager who clearly loves his job. If there are ever any problems, he sorts them out personally and you can see he means his sincere apologies. Now on to the food. Upon opening the menu you instantly become both intrigued and hungry. The menu has so many exquisite dishes that you are just gagging to try. When your meal comes you will not be disappointed. It is always cooked to perfection and the prices are so good you feel like you are robbing them blind! You could quite happily justify paying twice as much for each meal.

The question of best restaurant is often brought up and in fairness, there are a lot of contenders. However, one place is a cut above the rest and that is the 100 Hoxton. It is a fantastic little place that sells signature cocktails and fine wines. The best part of the 100 Hoxton is the restaurant area, it is sheer class! There are many great dishes to try and the special offers they have are even better!

Everyone wants to know the best places to go drinking, right? Well, The Macbeth nightclub is a great place to consider. From the outside, you would think I'm joking with you and you probably would when looking at the furniture. But when the night gets going and the top music acts start playing, you realise just how great a venue it is. It is one of the more popular clubs in Hoxton due to its ability to attract the best musicians and singers from across the world. The drinks aren't that bad priced either, with bottles of the greatest craft beer in London being under £5.

Another world class nightclub is the Queen of Hoxton. It is legendary around London for its rooftop parties and film club. That's right, on top of the roof, you can party and watch films. Does that not sound awesome? Under the sun, looking out over London, the capital of England. Sounds exciting doesn't it?

Are you into unique, old fashioned, quirky music? Then head to Flashback Records. It is a small record shop that has a ton of classic records that any throwback music lover cannot miss the opportunity to visit.

Feel like getting pampered? Then head down to La Vie Oranique. It is probably not the best place to get drunk or have a five star meal but trust me, you feel so refreshed. The staff are all excellently trained to make you feel like royalty and make you look better than royalty. The treatments are cheaper than spas and the service are better than spas.

Fun Facts

Jason Donavon and Jason Pierce both lived here and Jamie Oliver opened his first ever 15 restaurant in Hoxton.


London Illustration Festival

Hoxton is the host of many great events throughout the year and the main one is the London Illustration Festival. It is definitely worth visiting and seeing what is happening as each year offers something different.