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Fulham, London

Fulham is a very good area in London if you are wanting to enjoy the nightlife. It has many top clubs and is a hit with the students.

What to do there: Fulham is the home to many nightclubs in London and arguably the best nightclub is there. Embargo 59 is a must visit nightclub due to its excellent music being played and the friendly staff. There is an entry fee and the drinks may be a little bit expensive but it is for sure a great nightclub!

Another great nightclub in the area is Maggie's. It is a classic 80's themed club with Rubik's cube tables and funky dance music. If you're into your throwbacks then get down to Maggie's. There is Iron Lady Pictures to match the 80's themed decoration. There is also a great selection of drinks at affordable prices.

Fulham is also royalty for hidden gem restaurants in London. The main one is Napule's Italian restaurant. It is the best Italian restaurant in London by far, all thanks to its homemade pizzas. The base is expertly crafted and the toppings are all perfect. The servings are very generous and the value for money is exceptional. It is the perfect place to go for a celebration or to just kick start a casual night out.

Another great restaurant is Kishmish. It is a local Indian restaurant that also does take away. Although it isn't the cheapest restaurant in the area it serves great food. The lamb shank is arguably the best in London and the chicken tikka masala can rival any other curry house in England.

Fulham also has its own Broadway. No, not one that has shows. It is a tube station, making it a convenient place to live as it has transport links. The Fulham Broadway station is one of the busiest in London.

The best tourist attraction in the area is quite easily the River Thames. No, I hadn't forgot about it! The River Thames is the opening scene of the nation's favourite T.V show, EastEnders. You can do riverside walks and look at the beautiful scenery. The River Thames is also the river dynamo famously walked across. That's right, he walked on water. Yes, actual water.

Fun Facts

Fulham F.C's stadium is Craven Cottage, and outside Craven Cottage there used to be a large statue of the king of pop, Michael Jackson. The owner of the club was best friends with Michael Jackson and built it out of respect. The statue is no longer there, however.


The Boat Race

The biggest event is quite easily the boat race. It is every year and the Oxford and Cambridge rowing teams go head to head and race across the River Thames, which goes right by Fulham!