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Camden, London

Camden is a very popular area with the students due to it being a trendy, alternative place with its nightlife and other attractions.

What to do there: Camden is renowned for its alternative nightclubs and music venues. Perhaps the most famous club is Koko. Although it has many name changes, genre edits and interior tweaks, it is still a monument of London for the music industry. It is an indie/pop/rock club which also has some house music played. It has reasonable drink prices and has well-mannered bar staff. It is certainly a great night out! It was also the first club in London to host music royalty…

Another great night club is The Proud Camden. It is a very popular venue with certain Radio 1 DJ's such as Nick Grimshaw and Fearne Cotton partying. The club plays a variety of different genres such as Indie/electric/pop. The club itself used to be a stable for injured horses. It has a host of great live acts each year and has the best atmosphere for a club in the area.

Everyone wants to go and have a lovely meal before a big night or for celebrations, right? Then try Hache Burgers. Many people from all corners of the world say they do the best burgers in the world, and it's hard to disagree with them. The Steak Catalan Burger is to die for, it instantly ignites a party on your taste buds and every bite offers a different mouth-wateringly sensational taste. The burgers are all priced at a fair price, with the most expensive burger being £10.99 and you could quite easily justify paying five times as much with the quality meat you are being served.

Another restaurant that is very good and perhaps a bit different is Belgo's. It is a Belgian restaurant that sells Belgian ales and the décor is themed on Belgium. The waitresses and waiters are all dressed as monks to add character to the place. Although the food is not the cheapest in the area, it is without a shadow of a doubt worth every penny. The beers are served in classic Belgian glasses. There is also a bring your crepes or waffles for dessert option, just to save money on your night out!

If you want to buy absolutely everything and anything then head to Camden Market. It is a collection of stalls that sell everything you can think of and much more! It has a variety of goods ranging from vintage star wars toys to second hand clothes to DVD's so it has something for everyone. If you get tired of walking round the endless maze of wondrous stalls then hit the food stalls from across the world and try different cuisines from all corners of the globe.

Camden even has a museum there. The Jewish Museum tells the story of Jewish people moving to England how they were treated. You learn many things including England was the first country to expel the Jewish people in 1290 as of order from King Edward I and weren't allowed back in the country until the 1600's. There are also small exhibitions on the horrible history of the holocaust. It is a very educational place to visit and young children are welcomed.

Fun Facts

Both Amy Winehouse and Charles Dickens lived in Camden.


Accidental Festival

Camden hosts many annual events and the most notable is the Accidental Festival. It is a festival that celebrates the theatrical arts. There is a mixture of live arts ranging from puppetry to musical.