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Hyde Park, Leeds

Hyde Park is a great student area due to its local amenities and brilliant geographical location.

What to do there: In the Hyde Park area there are many different nightclubs and pubs that are very popular with students. The number one choice for the students is the Faversham. It is a nightclub that has a host of live music and has staged the likes of Franz Ferdinand and Artic Monkeys. The drinks prices are student friendly and the dancefloors always offer something different. There is also the legendary Jagerbomb Wednesdays where all Jägermeister shots are dirt cheap. On Saturdays there is also the bad sneakers day, where many students come and listen to a variety of indie and rock music.

Another great pub that cannot be overlooked is the Chemic Tavern. It not only has a cool name, but it has a wide selection of fine ales and classy soft drinks. It is a relaxed pub with friendly staff that are always eager to make your night extra special. It also has a tough quiz on Monday nights for the boffins out there. If you fancy having nice sandwich at dinner time then you can get one here, and it’s a triangle shape! It truly has everything. There is also no policy against having well behaved in the lounge, showing just how friendly the pub is.

If you want to move somewhere that has a local supermarket in the vicinity then you should definitely live here. It has a small chain supermarket along with small independent convenience stores around the area as well. It is also only a stone's throw away from the university, making it a convenient location for all students.

If you're feeling a bit peckish then I would recommend trying Boss Burgers. It is easily the best burger place in Leeds, and maybe even England. Its regulars certainly think it is brilliant. Although it is tiny in size, it is huge in taste and can certainly leave you with cravings for weeks upon weeks. Boss Burgers are certainly the burger bosses.

Another great place to eat is the corner café. It is arguably the best Indian and Asian restaurant in the area and it is easy to see why. Upon looking at the menu your taste buds instantly ignite with a passion to eat as much food as possible. It serves a variety of curries and other cuisines from Asia such as Thai and Chinese. The staff always go the extra mile to please you and they are always friendly. This is a place to visit if you like quality food.

If you feel like going out without looking glam or getting drunk, then visit the Hyde Park picture house. It is a brilliant little cinema which shows all the latest and greatest blockbusters. It is not overly expensive like the generic cinema and it has cheap popcorn, what more do you want or need?

Fun Facts

Chris Pine, the actor who played captain Kirk in star trek, lived in the Hyde Park area whilst a student. Have you heard of the band, The Kaiser Chiefs? Well the singer, Ricky Wilson, lived in the area when he was younger and still lives nearby.


Independent Film Listings Society

In Hyde Park there are many events that the locals love to get involved with, one of the events is held at the picture house. It is the independent film listings society and it attracts people from across the city. It gives young prospects in the film industry to try their hand at both acting and directing along with producing.

Hyde Park Unity Day

There is also the legendary Hyde Park Unity Day, which is set up by the local community and is full of activities to take part in. Some of the activities include egg and spoon races, three legged races and even bouncy castles and picnic areas. If you feel like helping out, you can also get involved by volunteering and helping out the community. It is a great day out for everyone!

Helpful Tips

Hyde Park is only one short bus ride from the city centre, or you can walk it, it's only 5 minutes!