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Burley, Leeds

Burley is a small area that is popular with students and young families. It has lots of places to take your interest in the area.

What to do there: In Burley there is a restaurant called Viva Cuba and honestly, it is the best Cuban restaurant in Leeds. It is a restaurant that sells the best tapas in Yorkshire. When you usually order tapas you get small portions of average quality food that is overpriced. However, this is the exact opposite! You get large portions of mouth wateringly good food for reasonable prices. The staff are always eager to make your meal as enjoyable as humanly possible and the Cuban d├ęcor and music just adds to an unforgettable night out.

The other top restaurant in Burley is Rosie's Diner. It is an American style restaurant that is quite amazing on the inside. It has an old American school bus inside which the children are allowed to play in to keep them entertained. The food is also out of this world! The hot dogs and chilli fries are to die for! I also have a soft spot for coke floats from anywhere, but from here it is on another level. This is a must visit restaurant.

If you ever fancy having a nice refreshing drink in a relaxed pub then try The Haddon Hall. Its reputation for quality ale on tap and perfectly polite staff are thoroughly deserved. Although it isn't the busiest bar in Leeds it is by no means poor.

Another top pub in Burley is The Royal Park. It is a brilliant little venue to go to as it has live music and sky sports television. What more do you honestly need? Oh yeah, quality drinks. Well this pub has quality drinks in abundance. The pub has a certain aura of a quality that just oozes out of it.

Fancy seeing the latest blockbuster on a stunningly large screen? Then head to the Vue Cinemas. It has all the latest blockbusters ranging from all out action packed craziness to romantic love stories between two animals. It certainly has something for everyone if you go in a party and are undecided on what to watch.

Another cracking place to visit is Hollywood Bowl. The bowling alley is in fine condition and is reasonably priced. There are also some arcade games there and a restaurant which sells good food and drinks. It is a good place to have a day out whilst having fun and a meal.

Fun Facts

Melanie Brown, also known as Scary Spice, was born in Burley and lived there until she joined the Spice Girls. She still owns the house she grew up in.


Summer in Burley

Burley is part of many events throughout Leeds. It has been the host of summer fun days like sea in the city and has also held fairs and other fun things.