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Landlord Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it...

Jordan Fields provides a professional, highly effective management service, I particularly appreciate his quick, honest and direct approach. I would have no hesitation in recommending UK Residential. Thank You

West One Landlord - August 2014

Further to our telephone conversation we would have no hesitation in recommending UK Residential to the future owners of our property.

Before we made our decision to appoint UK Residential we approached three Lettings Agents in the City.

The first was a multi-national. Their set-up fees were horrendous and they were obsessed with six month only lets (great for them in getting two sets of exorbitant fees each year but with the potential for void periods for Landlords). However, the biggest turn-off was the incredibly low estimate of the monthly rental income we could expect to achieve.

The second Agent was smaller and frankly seemed amateur. We don’t live in the area and we needed an Agent who could manage our property professionally. In contrast to the multi-national Agent they gave us an incredibly high estimate of the monthly rental income we could expect to achieve. We felt this was both unrealistic and a desperate ploy to get our business.

We instructed UK Residential because they seemed professional, approachable and they gave us honest answers. We have found, like the Ronseal advert, UK Residential “does exactly what it says on the tin.”

We have had no void periods between 12 monthly tenancies, Inventory and Property Inspections are carried out promptly and thoroughly, the rent reaches our account the same day but most of all we have achieved a fair and accurate rent which is £125 per calendar month more than that quoted by the multi-national Agent.

Ed Cooper has been our main point of contact for the past two years and, as the “face” of UK Residential, we have found him to be knowledgeable, helpful and approachable. We are kept regularly updated about the property and have faith in him and the UK Residential team to manage the property efficiently and professionally on our behalf.

For all these reasons we would have no hesitation in recommending UK Residential to you.

Mr and Mrs W - April 2014

Dear Sophie,

You have really been wonderful, and we really appreciate your kind assistance. I look forward to meeting you next week.

Josephine - April 2014

As a first time landlord I wanted to choose a company I could trust and have found this with UK Residential who were first recommended to me by a friend. My property has been Let for nearly 2 years now and I am very happy with the service I have received in that time.

I was impressed by how quickly a tenant was found and that same tenant has just renewed for a further twelve months. It was reassuring to receive photographs of the Let Property at the periodic inspections.

I have peace of mind knowing that everything is been taken care of and I don't have to worry about anything.

Jordan Fields took over as my property manager and he has always kept in touch with me throughout, he is always prompt to resolve any issues and is a pleasure to deal with.

I look forward to many more years with UK Residential.

Michelle Navey - S12 Landlord - October 2013

I am a landlord who lives at considerable distance from Sheffield. In the time that B... provided a very expensive fully managed service for my properties. Because the fully managed service provided by B... can only be described as incompetent, at best, I had to visit Sheffield at least two or three time a year to follow up on unresolved issues that had arisen at the properties.

I was regularly informed by B... that the market in Sheffield is depressed and it is not possible to let a property for more than six months - so they of, course had to find new tenants at a fee... Successive tenants caused damage to the property leaving me with repair bills and the requirement to replace furnishings as the check-out process meant that articles were frequently taken away.

Following the latest disaster where a tenant left with no notice, having trashed the property, and with the other property left vacant for 3 months I turned in desperation to UK Residential.

What a difference! UK Residential is a pleasure to deal with. UK Residential have bags of initiative, are knowledgeable about the market, hard-working, efficient and diligent. I have been kept fully updated by UK Residential every step of the way during the repair and letting of my properties. The turnaround in a matter of weeks is remarkable

Both of my properties have been repaired, cleaned and let for 12 months. I’ve received rent in advance from reputable tenants. The check in and out at the properties is covered in a professional way and I no longer have the headache of 3 or 4 calls and e-mails a week to sort out issues at the properties.

I have every confidence that I’ve finally found the best property management company in Sheffield by a mile.

Maria Leonard - Multiple Landlord, Cutlery Works - June 2013

We have just signed a contract with UK Residential and agreed our first tenancy.

We are very much looking forward to working with the company.

UK Residential have been extremely helpful over the several months in which we have been purchasing and preparing our property for rental. We have been very impressed by the way in which they have made their expert knowledge and advice about lettings available to us since long before we formally 'signed up' with UK Residential.

UK Residential has responded quickly, efficiently and always courteously to our many enquiries about topics ranging from management issues and types of tenancy to insurance and furnishings.

From all the evidence to date, we are confident that UK Residential will continue to provide a highly effective and responsive management service for our property into the future.

Sophie Black, Landlord, West One - June 2013

I have been with UK Residential for a number of years having previously left a prominent competitor due to poor service.

The UK Residential service was a massive improvement, with knowledgeable staff, impartial advice, a more proactive approach to obtaining and vetting tenants, and regular communication.

I have had a very positive experience working with UK Residential. They are easily contactable, pleasant to deal with, and always very helpful. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending UK Residential.

Mr Master, Daisy Spring Works - June 2013

UK Residential is the most efficient letting agency I have ever used, as well as the most friendly and user-friendly.

They send monthly feedback and are prompt to highlight and to resolve any issues. All this is a great relief to me as I live abroad, but have no worries about how my flat is being managed and let. They advertise in an effective way and find new tenants promptly when the flat becomes vacant. They have even just sent me birthday greetings!

I cannot fault them in any way, and am absolutely delighted with their service which far surpasses anything I have known before.

Jan Sutherland - Landlord at The Chimes - May 2013

I chose to place my apartment at Royal Plaza with UK Residential on the recommendation of a good friend who has rented out his apartments through this company for 9 years and has always been very satisfied with the service he received.

He particularly commented on how friendly and helpful he found this staff and I have found this too.

My property manager keeps me informed of any issues arising regarding my apartment and answers any queries I have promptly. His good attitude makes him a pleasure to deal with.

Sue Van Noort - Fully Managed Landlord - Royal Plaza

As landlords living far away from our rental property, we wanted someone who we can trust and keeps us in the loop of things. Right from the beginning, UK Residential proved to be that and beyond. They are diligent, efficient and great communicators. They worked hard to help us find not just any tenant, but the right tenants. They patiently led us through our many questions, even the dummy ones! They kept us informed at all times which was much appreciated. It was so refreshing to have them contact us to keep us in the loop rather than for us to having to chase them up! We have no hesitation in highly recommending UK Residential.

No wonder UK Residential is multi-award winning! We have been most impressed by their spirit of excellence and attention to detail. We appreciate being kept up to date - from finding a tenant to maintaining the property.

Everyone in the office is thoroughly professional and exceptionally friendly. They have made it so easy for us to have confidence in them.

We feel very blessed to have found them

Joyce & Henri Samoutou - Fully Managed Landlord - Park Grange Rise - Sheffield

I write to record my appreciation of the excellent service delivered by UK Residential. They promptly secured a new tenant for our property and have consistently responded to our enquiries and requests without delay and ensured that we are kept fully informed in relation to the new tenant. We would have no hesitation in recommending their services.

John and Vivienne Ives - Fully Managed Landlord - Royal Plaza

I have used UK Residential for over 8 years now to fully manage my apartments at Royal Plaza, Sheffield as I live in Hertfordshire.

In our initial meeting, we were given all information required about fees and terms and we found UK Residential to be open, honest and transparent with no hidden or surprise fees and no landlord set up fees! Their fees have always remained the most competitive as far as we are aware

Within a week of instruction my properties were let after having been empty with my previous agent for months. UK Residential has managed to let my properties quickly with no void periods and have always achieved maximum rent which has recently been increased this year. Indeed, one of my properties has been pre-let 8 months before the end of the current tenancy.

I have always been provided with good quality tenants and have never experienced any rent arrears in all our years with UK Residential.

I have enjoyed nothing but superior service with UK Residential dealing with everything on our behalf with excellent feedback and always doing that little bit extra for no extra charge.

I am pleased to use UK Residential as a long standing landlord with them and continue to recommend them to colleagues.

I would highly recommend UK Residential

Peter Popper - Fully Managed Landlord - Royal Plaza, Sheffield

We approached UK Residential as we were looking for someone to manage our properties in Sheffield due to us not having the time to do so ourselves.

As new customers, we were fully introduced as to what the agents were about by Maz himself and they were very honest about their approach and how the process of the letting and costs would be set out.

We had never used a letting agent before but we have never felt the need to look anywhere else as the service has been so good. After putting our first property up for let, it was filled almost instantly. We now let four properties with the agents and all have been filled quickly and without problem.

There is no doubt that UK Residential offer a highly professional and friendly service and are always at the helm to assist us and deal with any problems or queries we have.

They are certainly at the top of their game and deserve the good local reputation they have in Sheffield. They contact us only when necessary and they keep us updated on our properties via a quality website or e-mails.

We have been impressed on all aspects of the way the business operates and are more than pleased that we chose UK Residential to manage our properties.

Andrew E Stokes and Glennis Rose - Fully Managed Landlord - Various locations - Sheffield City Centre

I instructed UK Residential on their Let Only service.

I was very impressed that my property details went onto their website within 24 hours.

Their response to sent emails & calls are dealt with promptly & I have found all the staff to be very helpful & friendly.

They kept me informed of the outcome & feedback of all potential tenants and I was very pleased they were able to find me a good tenant quickly. I will definitely be using their services again.

Ms R Wilde - Let Only Landlord - Whitecroft Works, Sheffield

I am writing to congratulate you and your team on two counts: One is the excellent service you provide and the other is that you are outstripping your competitors - this I know from experience.

I was an overseas landlord with B... (agent name removed) and, to sum up, received sloppy service in exchange for exorbitant rates. I also came to believe that they see overseas landlords as cash cows and partake in extortionate contracting out - where they attempt to overcharge landlords and tenants for all sorts of shoddy service, whenever they can.

Now, on to UK Residential. In short, when I left B... (agent name removed) , Scott found me longer-term (it would seem), better tenants who paid more to rent my flat. These he found quickly and with a minimum of fuss. I had only two weeks when my flat was empty.

I congratulate you on your rates which I have found very good value for money - especially compared to B... (agent name removed).

In addition, Scott's attitude in his dealings with me was exemplary. For example, I needed a "good faith favour" from him early on which wasn't his job. (I asked him to organise letting my ex tenant have the keys to clean the flat again after she had moved out as B... (agent name removed) were trying to charge her 150 pounds for a job that would take half an hour).

In contrast to B... (agent name removed) , who will not lift a finger unless they are paid mightily for it - and then do it badly, Scott was human and obliging. I find his approach very refreshing. He has, in my opinion, a good balance between getting this right and taking a helpful, common sense approach.

I feel that I have been kept up to date without being bothered with needless details.

It seems too good to be true. Please don't change what you're all doing. And please pass on my thanks to Scott.

Karon Merecki - Fully Managed Landlord - Wards Brewery, Sheffield

The level of service provided to me by UK Residential has never been less than excellent. I own a variety of properties in different developments throughout the city centre and UK Residential fully manages them all.

Each property has been let almost immediately with minimal void periods. As lettings agents they provide excellent feedback to me and ensure that the property is well maintained.

I have found that their knowledge around the legal aspects of tenancy to be particularly useful and this is especially helpful in the event of any disputes.

I find that UK Residential provide a very professional and friendly service, and they certainly make my life easier!

Kam Bains - Fully Managed Landlord - Various locations - Sheffield City Centre

As someone who works in the service industry, I understand that excellent service is really about putting yourself in the recipients shoes and handling the matter like it was yours.

UK Residential have offered the best possible service I could expect on my flat in Sheffield. It's no surprise they're standing out and winning awards. I'm a couple thousand miles away in Nigeria, but in 3 years, I have never once worried about my flat. Plus, worth noting, is that it hasn't been vacant for a single day!

Simply fantastic

Owuno Ogbeh. Abuja, Nigeria - Fully Managed Landlord -Royal Plaza - Sheffield