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Investor Landlord Guide

We understand it is important that you know your properties are in safe hands and want no hassle.

Keeping you updated

From receiving your signed terms back, we update you after every viewing and every week without fail until a tenancy is secured. You will have one dedicated point of contact so should any issues arise you know who to speak to.

Online member area

We also understand it is important that there is an area where you can access all the relevant documentation, which is why we give you a unique username and password whereby you can access the login area to see all the messages we send you, your core terms, property statistics and much more.


We have two branches based at West Street and Ecclesall Road, both is the heart of student and professional areas. The footfall in each office is phenomenal which can sometimes be underestimated in this day and age where technology is prevalent. However particularly with international tenants, some people have never heard of Rightmove, Zoopla and the rest.

Some tenants will only come to us because they think we are the only people that let certain properties. To put this in real terms, when asked where they heard about us? Most of our tenants at city centre properties answered 'walking past the shop' or recommendation. That said we do still advertise online on the main portals.


Because of our extensive database, we have good links with people looking to buy, looking to let, looking to sell and looking to rent. So when someone has just purchased a property that we were selling and has decided to let the property, we already have potential tenants who will be automatically notified when a suitable property becomes available.

Likewise if you are looking to sell your property, we already have potential buyers, who will be notified of any suitable properties.


We have conducted viewings with tenants previously who have informed us that they are looking for a new property, not because they want something more spacious or didn't like the area they were in, but because they struggle to get hold of their landlord when it matters i.e. when they have a maintenance issue.

Their landlord was probably busy with his own work and didn't have a great deal of spare time and probably had multiple properties.

In our experience if a tenant has withheld rent, although they have no right to, it is often because of an outstanding maintenance issue. Where we have been dealing with a maintenance issue, we have never experienced such problems, we understand how important maintenance issues are for tenants, so we do everything we can to ensure maintenance issues are resolved as quickly as possible saving you the hassle.


To reduce the hassle further, we take care of obtaining meter readings and registering the tenants with all the relevant companies/local authorities.

As an investor with multiple properties, it can be difficult to keep on top of all the properties, so why not leave us to fully manage all of the properties, we have a system in place that reminds us when rent payments are due, that automatically reminds us to schedule property inspections, sends tenants messages regarding their check out etc. Nothing will ever go amiss or forgotten.

Why not invest further in Sheffield City Centre?

Reasonable Service Charges

In all developments there are service charges and ground rent. These will differ at all developments and will depend on your apartment, i.e. a studio apartment will naturally be cheaper than a three bedroom apartment.

Likewise some developments have higher service charges than others, if a development has an onsite concierge, cleaners there every day and so on then the service charge is likely to be higher at a development like this compared to a development with no lift, no concierge, cleaned less frequently etc. You can probably guess which development is likely to attractive more interest and higher rents

Contrary to other big cities, the vast majority of developments in Sheffield offer good service for reasonable service charges.

To give you a working example the service charge for a Studio in West One which is a well-kept development with an onsite concierge would cost you approximately £750, plus £150 ground rent and the achievable rent would be a minimum of £500pcm.

Increasing Demand

Every year UK Residential are seeing an increase in tenant demand, particularly for city centre properties. Properties in developments such as West One and Royal Plaza usually get snapped up in November for the following year!

Increasing Rent

Because of the increase demand for city centre properties, landlords can increase their rent year on year knowing that there property will not be vacant. But be careful not to get greedy, as this could result in void periods.

This is a simple start guide to letting your property and should not be relied upon as complete and full advice. Please do contact us and we would be more than happy to have a chat with you under no obligation to us!