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Top Selling Tips

The staff at UK Residential have put together a quick top tips to selling your home.

  • 1 Decorate neutrally as buyers will want to customize their new home to personal taste
  • 2 De Clutter – remove personal items from view
  • 3 De-personalise – remove family photos, artwork
  • 4 Clean thoroughly from top to bottom - carpets, floors, windows, fixtures and fittings
  • 5 Freshen Up – new carpet, new mastic sealant
  • 6 Empty fitted wardrobes so viewers can look at the space on offer
  • 7 Ensure there are no unpleasant odours, like pet smells and cigarette smoke
  • 8 Remove any pet items from the property – Some people will be put off by pets
  • 9 Ensure you upgrade lighting – try to use LED bulbs where possible
  • 10 Ensure gardens are well tended to
  • 11 Ask neighbours where possible to present tidy gardens etc. Also a good idea to remove signs saying beware of the dog